Why Kabin’s Office Pods Are the Key to Unlocking Your Productive Best

office pods

Kabin, with its pioneering office pod, redefines the concept of a workspace, marrying tranquillity with functionality to foster unparalleled levels of productivity and well-being. These pods have proven to be the ultimate solution for professionals seeking to escape the distractions of open-plan offices, enabling deeper concentration and efficiency.


A Personalised Workspace

We understand that a remarkable user experience begins with personalisation. Our intuitive touch screen control panel allows you to manage every aspect of your office pod. From placing your keys on the dedicated shelf to setting down your coffee cup and enjoying the sense of biophilia with the integrated plant pot for your favourite flora, every detail is thoughtfully designed to make you feel at home while fostering an environment that boosts productivity. This level of personalisation ensures that each individual can tailor their space to their specific working style and preferences, thus maximising their comfort and focus.


Introducing Kabin Control

A cornerstone of the Kabin experience is the Kabin Control, a testament to our dedication to creating a personalised environment that enhances focus and analytical thinking. With a selection of audio and visual experiences at your fingertips, you can immerse yourself in various urban, natural, or elemental scenes and sounds. This feature is designed to elevate your mood and transform your workspace into an oasis of inspiration and tranquillity. The ability to customise your environment on a whim not only enhances productivity but also significantly improves mental well-being, making every moment in a Kabin office pod a truly enriching experience.


The Ultimate Workstation

Our office pods offer more than just a space to work; they provide a haven where you can bring both the functional and the personal. With spaces to store your belongings, from sketch pads to your favourite books, our pods are designed to make you feel comfortable and at ease. The generously sized articulating worktop allows you to comfortably spread out your work, ensuring you have all you need within arm’s reach. The seamless integration of personal and professional elements within the workspace not only enhances productivity but also fosters a sense of ownership and belonging, crucial for long-term satisfaction and well-being.


Power at Your Fingertips

Each Kabin is equipped with mains and two USB sockets, ensuring your laptop and personal devices are always powered up. Our cleverly designed sockets are tucked away, keeping cords out of sight and away from feet, maintaining a clutter-free environment that’s conducive to productivity. This thoughtful design reflects our commitment to creating spaces that not only meet the practical needs of the modern professional but also enhance the overall user experience by minimising distractions and promoting efficiency.


Customised Lighting with every Office Pod

Our pods feature a focused reading lamp that can be positioned exactly as you like. Whether you need increased brightness for clarity or prefer a softer light to create a tranquil space, our reading light is designed to cater to your specific needs, enhancing your work environment’s comfort and functionality. This flexibility in lighting not only aids in reducing eye strain during long work sessions but also allows users to create an ambiance that best suits their mood and task at hand, further enhancing productivity and comfort.


Handcrafted Quality

At Kabin, we pride ourselves on blending high-tech production with the warmth of handmade craftsmanship. Constructed to the highest quality standards in our London factory, Kabin pods are a product of the latest manufacturing technologies and the skilled hands of our experienced craftspeople. This commitment to quality ensures that each Kabin pod is not only a workspace but a durable asset that enhances well-being and productivity for years to come. The fusion of cutting-edge technology with traditional craftsmanship ensures that every Kabin pod is not just functionally superior but also aesthetically pleasing, adding value to any work environment.



The office pod is more than just a component of Kabin; it is the embodiment of our vision to revolutionise the workspace. In a world where work and life increasingly intersect, Kabin’s office pods stand as a testament to our belief that workspaces should be more than places of work—they should be sources of inspiration, creativity, and personal growth.

By prioritising human comfort and integrating features that cater to both the practical and personal, Kabin is not merely changing the physical layout of workspaces but is redefining the very experience of work itself. Our office pods are a testament to the possibility of achieving peak productivity in a space that also prioritises personal well-being and satisfaction, setting a new standard for workspaces worldwide.